Corporate Social Responsibility

At White Pearl Group we always thrive to conserve and protect our environment. in every possible manner. It is our moral and ethical responsibility to serve the community and our fellow members of the society. As a socially responsible entity, we have built schools, mosques and dispensaries in rural areas of Punjab and Sindh province, which are functioning ethically under our supervision.

In our humble capacity we have generously contributed financial and material help to earthquake and flood victims in Pakistan. On a yearly basis, we actively participate in supporting Baba Fareed Eye Treatment Trust in Pakistan where 4,000 eye patients are treated free of cost.
"Also extending our help towards numerous hospitals some of which are Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, Fatima Memorial Hospital and Mayo Hospital. 

At all our units and offices we strive towards water conservation and energy efficiency. Every year new trees are planted to make our environment cleaner and greener.